We acknowledge diabetes is a very hard disease to treat and manage. It also places a significant burden on the patient 24/7, all 365 days of the year. So we find a lot of our members and users struggle with managing type 2 diabetes. The reason we get type 2 diabetes is partly because of our genetics and partly the weight gain caused by an imbalance between the food we eat and the activity we do. Type 2 diabetes can indeed be managed but we agree, it is a significant effort to manage. It requires proper control of diet, exercise, and use of medications as needed — just medications alone is not the answer. We also realize how expensive these medications have come and this is why we MedSimple, a mobile application that allows users to save money. We also understand the burden on meds this devistating disease causes, and thus we are doing what we can to help. Hopefully MedSimple will help with your medications.


Despite best attempts, sometimes it is hard to manage type 2 diabetes. The patient and the healthcare team need to work hard to keep it in control. The good news is, there have been many new meds and many more on the way which will help patients with diabetes. As a nation, we are treating diabetes better and better everyday.