Even some professional athletes must develop healthy habits in order to manage diabetes.

Even some professional athletes must develop healthy habits in order to manage diabetes.

A few years ago, professional baseball pitcher David Wells was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. With the same tenacity he showed on the baseball field, Wells vowed that he’d beat the disease and make the changes necessary in his life.

In an interview with the San Diego Tribune, Wells said, “Obviously, this is a concern. But it’s beatable. And I’m going to beat it. It’s going to take some lifestyle changes. And I’m already making them.”

When people talk about diabetes, professional athletes are usually furthest from the conversation, but it’s a good reminder that diabetes can affect all kinds of people. In fact, other famous athletes like tennis star Arthur Ashe and boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson were affected with diabetes.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a scary life event for anyone, but Wells case is a good example of someone reacting to his diagnosis with a positive attitude geared toward change.

“From the time I found out, I made changes,” Wells told the paper. “No more starches and sugar. No more rice, pasta, potatoes and white bread. No more fast food. I’ve cut out alcohol.”

Diet is certainly one of the best and easiest ways to manage diabetes. Coming up with a specific meal plan is a helpful way to ensure that you’re eating healthy.

Meeting with doctors to specifically discuss medication plans is also a viable option for many people affected by diabetes. The problem with this strategy is that often times medication plans can be complicated and difficult to follow. At My Diabetes Home, we’ve created a free mobile app called MedSimple that helps people follow their medication plans in a simple, straightforward manner–all with a smartphone!

The only requirement for getting the most out of our app is a good attitude geared towards a new lifestyle that’s able to manage diabetes in a healthy way. Even people who have pitched a perfect game need help from time to time, and MedSimple can be that help for you.

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