Male Female SymbolsThe secret is out: men are more likely to develop type-2 diabetes than women.

Research has shown that men are biologically more susceptible and need to gain far less weight than women to develop the condition, one report says. According to this article, a study was conducted on over 95,000 men and women at the time of their diabetes diagnosis. From the study, researchers discovered a strong trend in both the men and women: men were reported to have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes at a lower BMI score than the women.

Researchers have also speculated as to why this result might have been reported. It is possible that men store fat closer to their organs than women, who tend to store fat under the skin, and are consequently less sensitive to insulin. Of course, this is all theory as there is no clear conclusion. But this study leads to some interesting questions about the differences between men and women and the cause, onset and management of diabetes.

Here are some of our findings:

Important Facts About Women and Diabetes

  • In general, women tend to have lower rates of heart disease. When diagnosed, the risk for heart disease is six times higher for women with diabetes than those without, says Marianne Legato, MD.
  • Kidney disease also becomes a higher risk for women, and diabetes is responsible. In normal conditions, women do not experience complications with the kidneys until menopause.
  • Women with the disease tend to have poor blood glucose control, are more obese, and have high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Important Facts About Men and Diabetes

  • Diabetes increases the risk for heart disease two- to threefold for men.
  • Men with diabetes are much more likely than those without to develop erectile dysfunction.
  • Age is typically not a variable for men and diabetes. These studies show BMI to be the main factor in the onset of diabetes. Yes, it tends to occur at a younger age, but as men age, the discrepancy between men and women and diabetes diminishes.

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