Feeling the February doldrums? Lacking motivation to get up and get out of the house? Feeling like your active lifestyle that you worked all summer and fall to build up has gone kaput? Well, dust off those old running shoes and get your yoga mat out, because we have some great ideas to get–and stay–active this coming spring.

Now is the perfect time to pick up where your active lifestyle left off and find new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. With spring around the corner, it is never too early to learn about all of the fun activities out there. And not only that, but the benefits of staying active will help with the management of diabetes.

Exciting activities to try:

  • Join a gym. Being a member at a gym will motivate you to not only utilize the cardio and weight machines to your advantage, but many gyms feature fun dance and yoga classes that will give you a new way to stay healthy. Gym classes also keep you accountable and help you develop a workout schedule.
  • Like dancing? As patios begin to open, many will have live music and the perfect opportunities for spontaneous healthy activities! Get your groove on and take advantage of a fun activity.
  • Go to the park. Sometimes an active lifestyle can be as easy as getting your running shoes out and heading out for a run. Explore your neighborhood and enjoy the local park. There is no better way to stay healthy than by getting out into the fresh air.

Some helpful resources to help get you moving on your feet:

  • Sign up for a race. There are many road races through the spring that will get you up and moving. With St Patrick’s Day upon us, find a 5K near you!
  • Learn a sport. Find a sports clinic and learn the basics for a fun recreational sport.
  • Get involved in the community. There is nothing more enriching than volunteering in your community. Finding a way to help your community will open up many more ideas to stay active.

Remember, it is never too early to sign up for a race, take a hike, or find an outdoor group to join. The health benefits of an active style help to keep the management of diabetes under control. With the nice weather and longer days, you can easily take advantage and who knows, you might just enjoy the new activities.

We encourage you to find something new to try this spring. We cannot emphasize enough how beneficial an active lifestyle is for people with diabetes. When you manage your diabetes daily and pair that with staying active, you will feel refreshed and full of life once again. To find out which activities are right for you, make sure to keep you’re My Diabetes Home profile up to date.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc