Blog: Diabetes Daily

People behind the words: David Edelman, Elizabeth Zabellore, and more than 100 writers who live with diabetes or practice medicine

Type of diabetes: Main focus is type 1 and type 2 diabetes

About the blog: Diabetes Daily was founded by David Edelman and Elizabeth Zabellore. After Elizabeth was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the pair was inspired by the support offered by diabetes bloggers and in 2005 created Diabetes Daily as a space for support for people with diabetes.

Why we love it: Diabetes Daily covers a wide range of issues-leaving no topic on the sideline. The wealth of knowledge its one hundred-plus contributors brings keeps topics current and relevant to living with diabetes today. The end of each story includes a bio on the contributor, allowing readers the option to learn about many others living with diabetes or involved in the diabetes world.

Featured topics: Type 1, Type 2, Food, Life, Treatments, Technology, Weight Loss

Unique features: Diabetes Daily also offers a Forums feature allowing a person to post questions or topics of interest and interact with others.

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