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Providing the best in diabetes care starts here. My Diabetes Home can help you and your patients make the most of your time together.


  • Increase patient readiness

    Say goodbye to asking patients if they remembered their medications list or their latest blood sugar readings. With the Visit Optimizer report, they'll come to their appointments prepared with a list of current prescriptions, 2 weeks' worth of sugar logs, their latest lab results, and other important health care information.
  • Understand your patients' numbers

    It's one thing to know your patient's blood sugar levels spiked but it's another to understand why. When your patients monitor their blood glucose readings with the mySugars log, you'll have you'll have access to a graph that shows trends and patterns their sugars. The mySugars tool also provides a quick summary of your patient's information, including their highest and lowest sugars, estimated A1C, and blood sugar targets.
  • Create your own page

    When you join the My Diabetes Home community, you can create a personalized educator page where you can refer your patients. From there, your patients will be able to link their profiles to yours so you have easy access to their health care data and questions.
  • Resources you can trust

    The My Diabetes Home concept comes from an endocrinologist and was created by a variety of health care professionals, including certified diabetes educators like you. As the most comprehensive diabetes-management solution on the web, there isn't a better place to send your patients for information on how to manage their diabetes.
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