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How would you like to save a few minutes on each of your patients' visits? When your patients with diabetes use My Diabetes Home, it not only makes their life better — it makes your job easier.


  • Increase patient readiness

    Say goodbye to asking patients if they remembered their pertinent information—with the Visit Optimizer report, they'll come prepared with a list of current medications, 2 weeks worth of sugar logs, and other medical information needed for favorable outcomes.
  • Make visits shorter

    When used to its fullest potential by your patients, the My Diabetes Home platform can effectively save you 3-5 minutes per patient visit. Patients will come prepared with all the information you need, allowing you to save valuable time and provide effective treatment.
  • Provide quality care

    Since our tools help patients be more prepared for visits, they help you provide them with better care. The Visit Optimizer report has a section for your patients to enter health goals and questions to ask you, allowing you to fully understand and work with patients on important issues.
  • Resources you can trust

    The My Diabetes Home concept comes from an endocrinologist and was created by certified diabetes educators, pharmacists, and other professionals in the health field. As the most comprehensive diabetes-management solution on the web, there isn't a better place to send your patients for information on how to manage their diabetes.