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Our easy-to-use tools help you manage your diabetes all in one place.
Keep track of your daily sugar levels, master your medication list,
and improve your doctor visits.


An electronic logbook for entering blood glucose readings, providing alerts when sugars are low or high and delivering a historical summary through actionable charts and graphs.

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Creates a full report of your sugar logs, lab results, health goals, and questions to share with your doctor in order to get the most out of your appointments.

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A medication management platform that offers dosage and refill reminders, drug interaction and side effect information, and money saving options designed to get you the most benefit out of your medications.

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A single place to enter and track your A1C, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol as you work toward specific goals for your diabetes management.

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A diabetes management dashboard that summarizes your health profile and allows you to manage your sugar log, lab results, and medication lists in order to provide a complete view of your diabetes.

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