Revolutionize Diabetes Education Through the World’s First Diabetes Educator Platform

Engage your patients through their very own diabetes portal. Have access to real-time sugars, meds and labs. Have much better patient visits and interactions. Transform your day, transform diabetes education!

Engage and Educate More Effectively Today!

Access Real-Time Sugars, Meds & Labs

Access EMR data from the world’s largest health data network, health data imported from many devices and patient entered information

Engage and Interact Effortlessly

Engage patients directly through their diabetes portal where all of their data is held, offer advice on data in the moment

Transform Your Patient Visits

Take action on current information, give recommendations based on trends and identify patients who need additional follow-up to encourage self-management

Take Action on Real-time Data
Communicate with Patients
One-Click Access to Your Patient Population

About Us

My Diabetes Home is a personalized tool designed to simplify diabetes self-management and revolutionize healthcare visits. Patients can easily manage their sugars, meds, labs, activity and more -- on any device! Achieve improved health while learning what’s really going on through easy-to-read charts and graphs. My Diabetes Home is the foundation for patients to begin taking an active role in their diabetes management.

The Diabetes Educator Platform offers the professional side of things with an interface for educators and physicians. We are enabling educators to have access to real-time sugars, meds and labs, offering a way to engage users effortlessly through messaging in their My Diabetes Home account. Through these you can truly transform your patient visits with access to all of this information before the patient walks through the door.

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

Founder & CEO

My Diabetes Home is led by Endocrinologist Dr. Anuj Bhargava who has devoted much of his adult life to changing the future of diabetes. Dr. Bhargava believes that technology can simplify diabetes and is hopeful that My Diabetes Home will make that happen for the millions of people. In his persistent fight against diabetes he armed himself with a Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at University of Wisconsin, he obtained a physician executive MBA from the University of Tennessee, and is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. Dr. Bhargava is a practicing endocrinologist at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, IA. He is also the Founder and President of Iowa Diabetes Research, the largest diabetes research center in central Iowa.

Message from the Founder

Diabetes education is an essential pillar in our quest to improve diabetes management. To handle the 100 million patients coming our way, we need to make diabetes education more efficient, effective & sustainable. The unique, revolutionary, patient centered, educator friendly platform from My Diabetes Home bridges the data gap & makes communication effortless & real time. The Diabetes Educator Platform will ensure a vast improvement in educators’ ability to help & engage their patients & take care of more patients with less effort.

Our Team

Anuj Bhargava

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

Founder & CEO

Jayesh Bajaj

Chief Technical Officer

Dhanesh Narvekar

Technology Manager

Cody Rohlf

Marketing Manager


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