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A Simple Online Diabetes Management and Monitoring Record Logbook from My Diabetes Home

My Diabetes Home provides its users with an online diabetes monitoring record, log book & chart sheet to help manage diabetic needs. This is great for those looking for a simple daily diabetes monitoring record logbook & chart sheet, without the hassle of carrying and keeping track of papers. With the online diabetes monitoring record, log book & chart sheet, you are able to manage your sugars and other health numbers to help control your diabetes. It also allows you to view past numbers, which is a great way to track your progress. My Diabetes Home is a simple tool to track your numbers on-the-go with your smartphone or tablet. You can also easily share these numbers with your doctor to make the most out of your appointments by bringing your smartphone or tablet to your appointment, or by printing your logbook.

Online Blood Sugar Diabetes Monitoring Record, Log Book & Chart Sheet

The easiest way to utilize your logbook is a tool called My Sugars. My Sugars is a place to record your blood sugars in columns such as Before/After Breakfast, Before/After Lunch, and so on. Tracking your blood sugars at the same as meals is valuable to see what time of day you may need help with managing your diabetes. For instance, if your log book shows that your sugars levels are high at breakfast, your doctor may prescribe a new morning medication to help you control this.

Using My Diabetes Home Logbook for Offline

There is also an option to track your health numbers offline. Instead of tracking online, you can choose to print out the logbook to hand write your numbers on the template or download the chart to use in offline programs such as Microsoft Excel. This is an excellent option that does not require being online, and you still get the benefits of the daily logbook.

Online Diabetes Monitoring Record, Log Book & Chart Sheet for Your Other Numbers

Because diabetes can affect other parts of your health besides blood sugar, My Diabetes Home provides tools to help track other health numbers such as A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. These readings are important for your doctor to know in order to track your health condition by comparing these numbers with your blood sugar. When using this template to track these numbers, you are helping your doctor get a better picture of your overall health.

Online Diabetes Charts and Data Log Sheets

Along with the online diabetes monitoring record, log book & chart sheet, we also help track your numbers with graphs, charts, and summaries. These tools can help you get a better understanding of the numbers you are recording by showing your progress over time. You can access the Summary tab under the My Numbers section in your logbook. Here, you can view your most recent results and compare them with your goals. In your logbook, you can view a graph of your weight, blood pressure, A1C, and cholesterol. Looking at these numbers in a graph makes it easier to look at how these numbers have progressed over time.

Sugar Graph

The Sugar Graph is one of the newest features of this system. This tool collects a summary of the data that you have entered to create a graph of your sugar trends throughout the day. This allows you to see your highest and lowest blood sugar, estimated A1C average, and average number of tests per day and per week. These are great resources to show you doctor at your appointments so they have a better understanding of your daily numbers.

Visit Optimizer

Another great tool that this system has to offer is the Visit Optimizer. This tool allows you to print all of the data you have collected and take them to your appointment with your doctor. Taking a record of your blood sugar, A1C, weight, and other numbers with you helps to make the most out of your doctor visits by allowing them to really understand these health numbers. You can also share your Visit Optimizer summary with other healthcare professionals such as your pharmacist or dietitian.

Diabetes Medication with MedSimple

Another important part of managing your health is keeping track of your medications. We provide a tool called MedSimple that helps you log all your medications in one place. After entering your medications and dose information, you can then set reminders so you never miss a dose. MedSimple also provides drug information such as side effects, tips, and instructions on how to use the medication. This tool is helpful to show your family so they have better knowledge of the medications you are taking. This is useful if they ever need to help you take your medication. This tool is also helpful to show your doctors so they can be aware of medications you were prescribed by other physicians. This is a great tool to help organize your medications and prevent complications.


There are many advantages of having a daily online diabetes monitoring record, log book & chart sheet. When you visit your doctor, they will check your blood pressure, blood sugar, A1C, and other health numbers. These numbers will give them an idea about your health on that specific day. However, if you use your logbook to record your numbers daily, you are letting your doctor see what your health condition is like on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Your blood sugar can change drastically based on what you eat, when your take your medication, and even the time of day. Because of this, it is important for your doctor to know your health numbers at all times of the day. This will help them better understand your problem and, in return, help you control your diabetes.


  • Stay on track

    Post your blood glucose levels up to eight times per day and receive alerts when they fall outside of your target range.
  • Identify trends

    Review your sugars history and estimate your A1C through easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Prevent complications

    Monitor your daily sugar levels to easily manage your diabetes and prevent the onset of complications.
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