Online Doctor Visit Tracking, Diabetes Management Software & System
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Online doctor visit tracking Software & system

It's key to have accurate, up-to-date records when you visit your doctor. That's why myVisits helps you track and organize every aspect of your health.


  • Transform your visit

    Pull together your health information from across My Diabetes Home with our easy-to-use tools. Your sugar log will automatically populate into your report, making visits to the doctor even easier!
  • Remember questions & goals

    Before each visit, use Visit Optimizer to record questions for your doctor and health goals you'd like to achieve.
  • Stay prepared

    Print out your Visit Optimizer report-or pull it up on your mobile device-so you're prepared for doctor appointments.
  • Keep doctors informed

    Ensure you get the medical care you need-avoid duplicated tests, exams, and more by bringing your report with you to your appointments. Improve coordination of care by sharing your records with your entire medical team.
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