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As someone who has been very engaged in the diabetes field, I must say that I am really impressed with what My Diabetes Home has done. This is one of the best online platforms I have seen for diabetes, where a patient can manage their meds, blood glucose values, and doctor visits—all in one place.

— Steve Edelman, MD, Founder and Director of TCOYD

This website is a good tool for patients to keep track of how well they are controlling their diabetes.

— Cindy T.

This site is very comprehensive, yet easy-to-use. My patients with diabetes will benefit greatly from using it.

— Kris Vijay, MD, Past President of the American College of Cardiology, Arizona Chapter

I love that the MedSimple app on my smartphone syncs with My Diabetes Home.

— Debbie D.

Unlike most web-based diabetes applications, My Diabetes Home benefits both the person with diabetes and their healthcare providers by fostering better communication and more productive encounters. It is easy to use for both parties.

— Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE, Owner & Clinical Director of Integrated Diabetes Services

I would like to thank you for an excellent website. I have only just started using it and it is already helping with my diabetes testing and monitoring.

— Michael G.

This platform allows people to easily track their sugars, labs, and medications all in one place. My patients who use this platform are more prepared for their visits.

— Karen Roos, RD, LD, CDE

I love using the VisitOptimizer report. It pulls all of my information together. Now, at my appointment, I'll have more quality face time with my CDE and endo!

— Toni M.

The VisitOptimizer feature makes appointments more efficient, allowing more time to be spent with the patient.

— Dallas Sanders, PA-C, CDE