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Move over, food pyramid! How to eat right with MyP...

[youtube=] We’re faced with a lot of choices every day. Sometimes, the most difficult choice can be what foods you should eat to have a healthy, balanced meal. Many of us grew up with the colorful food pyramid, which educated us on the different food groups. The USDA-created graphic helped us navigate the aisles of […]

The Low-Down on Low Blood Sugar: Hypoglycemia 101

So, what’s the deal with hypoglycemia? Not to be confused with hyperglycemia, it’s a condition that occurs when your body has abnormally low blood sugar level (less than 70). According to the American Diabetes Association, it is characterized by the following symptoms: Mild Symptoms: Shakiness Palpitations Sweating Dizziness Fast heartbeat Hunger Blurred vision Decreased concentration […]