Happy 2014! The New Year always seems like a good time to make a new start–you know, resolutions and all that jazz. Now that we are a few weeks into 2014, where are you? Did you make a resolution? Has it already gone by the wayside?

No worries–we don’t really need those New Year’s resolutions anyway. What we need is a consistently healthy lifestyle, one that we can sustain all through the year and not just during resolution time.

How do you feel now? What areas of your health and life overall are in need of some attention? What are your goals? Is your A1C at the level you want it to be? Are you carrying around a few extra pounds? Would you like to work on establishing and maintaining a healthier diet? Or is a consistent exercise program something you want to include in your schedule? What about your mental and emotional health? Could you stand to reduce your stress and let go of some of the negative perceptions in your life?

Every day is a good day to make a change. Don’t try to do it all at once, but pick one or two things you want to focus on. Check in with your doctor and get his or her blessing, as well as some guidance, on how to reach your goals. Most doctors are thrilled when a patient come to them and expresses a desire to improve his or her health. Your doctor will be more than happy to help.

Set your goals. Take reasonable, healthy steps to reach them. Make your new activities part of your schedule and part of your new lifestyle. This isn’t temporary, this is your new life. The new, healthier you! There are many places to find support–family, friends, online forums. Find a health buddy. Do what you can do to start working toward living your best life. Do it now! There is no better time!

We all have it in us to improve and grow. You are never too young or too old. You deserve to be healthy and strong and happy. Make a commitment and utilize all the tools you have at your disposal. Make it happen! You CAN do it!

Remember: Be smart. Be healthy. Live YOUR life!

Photo credit: Dan Moyle on Flickr