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UPDATE: March Recipe Showdown Pinterest Board is now LIVE! Start voting now! Round 1 ends March 27.

March is the month of changing seasons, luck, and “madness”–so what better way to pay tribute to the month’s crowning moments than with a contest that’s sure to have your mouth watering!

Join My Diabetes Home and Chef Robert Lewis–The Happy Diabetic in our March Recipe Showdown for your chance to win a free e-cookbook. Bonus: Five winners will be randomly selected to win a hard copy cookbook from Chef Robert.

How to play:

  • Download and fill out the March Recipe Showdown Bracket
  • Submit your bracket via email to by March 25
    • You can scan or take a photo of your bracket to submit. Or, send your picks in the body of the email.
  • Follow My Diabetes Home on Pinterest
  • Starting on March 25, re-pin or like each pin depending on the recipe you want to advance to the next round
  • Check back here (this blog post) to see updates on advances and the start of a new round (timeline below)
  • Watch for emails from about advances and the start of a new round
  • Have fun!


  • March 25: March Recipe Showdown begins!
  • March 25-March 27: Round One –Savory Sixteen
  • March 28-March 30: Round Two–Extraordinary Eight
  • March 31-April 2: Round Three–Foodie Four
  • April 3-5: Championship
  • April 6: Winning recipe is announced | Winners receive e-cookbook

How it works:

On March 25, sixteen recipes will go head-to-head to kick-off the March Recipe Showdown. Only eight recipes will advance to the next round, and so on, until there is a Champion.

  • On March 25, the March Recipe Showdown board will be un-hidden on the My Diabetes Home Pinterest page.
  • Contestants will submit a bracket (limit one bracket per contestant) with recipes advancing all the way to the Championship round as well as declaring a Champion.
  • Contestants will re-pin or like a recipe depending on which recipe they want to advance.
  • Recipes with the most re-pins or likes will advance to the next round.
  • Contestants can check the My Diabetes Home blog according to the schedule above for updates on advances and beginning of new a round.
  • Contestants will receive email updates regarding advances and the start of a new round.
  • Contestants who pick the correct Champion will win a free e-cookbook and five of those winners will be randomly selected to win a hard copy cookbook.

Recipe List:

Get more recipes from Chef Robert Lewis–The Happy Diabetic at