Welcome back to the My Diabetes Home blog! We’re excited about a fresh start in 2013, and we’re looking forward to sharing more helpful information about managing diabetes and creating a better quality of life for adults affected by diabetes.

Feel free to browse some of our previous posts, and please check back frequently for new discussions that will address the following situations and more:

Maybe you were recently diagnosed with diabetes and are looking for information or simply some peace of mind. We’re here to help.

Maybe you’ve had diabetes for years but are looking for new ways to manage daily medication use and keep track of prescription plans. We’re here to help.

Maybe there’s a loved one in your life who has diabetes, and you’re hoping to learn about better ways to care for them and accommodate their needs. We’re here to help.

Maybe you have a history of diabetes in your family and are curious about how to prevent diabetes. We’re here to help.

We look forward to discussing all of these topics and more in future posts, so check back often for updates. To learn more about My Diabetes Home, please check out our website. Below is a featured video from the folks at DailyAppShow about our first mobile app called MedSimple, which we will talk about extensively in later blog posts: